AGR travels to China

AGR Senior Scientist Dr. Wenke Hu and Sales Representative Zhu Yong travelled through China to meet with major breweries, beverage and pharmaceutical glass manufacturers and the Chinese Glass Expert Committee. They announced AGR’s new Onsite Lightweighting and conceptual computer design analysis, promoted AGR’s expert Fracture Diagnosis, Training Seminars (to be held in China), plant audit services and discussed long term partnerships aimed at improving bottle handling and reducing breakage. Need help with breakage, design or training? Contact Us

AGR-zertifizierter Bruchglasanalytiker

Wir gratulieren den allerersten Absolventen zur Auszeichnung “AGR-zertifizierter Bruchglasanalytiker”. Sie haben das 4-tägige Seminar mit schriftlichen und praktischen Prüfungen erfolgreich absolviert. Das Seminar fand in München statt und bot einen tiefen Einblick in die wichtigen Themen der Bruchanalyse. Hiermit erheben wir unser Glas auf unsere „Glorreichen Sieben“.  Das nächste Bruchglas 3 Seminar zur Zertifizierung findet vom 19-22. September in Krakau in Polen statt; danach in den USA in Butler vom 28. November bis zum 1. Dezember. Schauen Sie doch auf unserer Website in unseren Trainingskatalog oder buchen Sie gleich hier:

First New Certification Seminar begins in Munich Feb 28, 2017

The first "Fracture Diagnostician Certification" Seminar gets underway in Munich, Germany Feb. 28. The critical focus of this seminar is on workshops using advanced fracture analysis techniques. Successful completion will earn AGR Certification. This Open Enrollment Seminar will be offered on our Butler, PA, USA campus March 28-32 and in Krakow, Poland September 19-22. Want to learn more or register? Visit our Seminar Catalogue:

New AGR White Paper Published

AGR has just published the third and final White Paper entitled “FEA performance comparisons of NNPB and BB refillable bottles” which summarizes our research findings regarding the use of NNPB technology for returnable containers and whether or not it is a viable option.  The paper written by Dr. Wenke Hu, William Slusser and Gary Smay, was just published in November/December issue of Glass Worldwide Magazine. Click HERE to download from our Library.