The new AGR testing laboratory in Delft The Netherlands officially opened on February 8th with a ribbon cutting by local Delft Official City Council Member Ferrie Förster. There was also a unique opening of Champagne bottles by Agr CEO, Henry Dimmick, Jr.  and AGR Director of Research, Bill Slusser. They used sabers to expertly cut off the top of the Champagne bottles demonstrating a technique they would normally not endorse. However, in light of the festive occasion they made an exception.
According to CEO Henry Dimmick, Jr., “The new AGR testing laboratory in Delft, will provide numerous benefits to our customers including shorter turnaround times which will save money. In addition, they will enjoy the added convenience of transacting business in the same language, time zone and currency”.

Guests, including those from a number of glass manufacturers and brand owners, were provided a complete tour of the facility and assorted refreshments, along with the opportunity to  attend  two complimentary seminars entitled “The Do’s and Don’ts of Lightweighting” and “Understanding and Establishing Impact Criteria”. AGR demonstrated its capabilities in regards to testing equipment for fracture diagnosis, performance testing and defect identification while guests were provided opportunities for some hands on experience as well.

The new testing lab is managed by AGR Senior Scientist Peter de Haan who is supported by his team of Jennifer Hu-a-ng, Office Manager and Lab technicians Laura van der Harg and Samantha Beijersbergen van Henegouwen. If you have any questions or want to discuss your glass issues, contact either Peter de Haan or Jennifer Hu-a-ng directly at: +31 (0)15 890 40 20 or CONTACT US.

The Delft lab team is now fully supported by our commercial representatives, Aleksander Broda and Ewa Prokulewicz. Call us to discuss your needs: +48/12-6321817