Two Legacy White Papers made available

As we close our 90th Anniversary Commemoration we want to share with you two of our Legacy White Papers. These two white papers cover the topics of the effect of coatings on closure rusting and the effect that caustic wash solutions have on hot end coatings that are applied to refillable containers.  We hope these will enhance your understanding of coatings and how they can affect the performance of glass containers. They are entitled “How Tin oxide Coatings Affect Closure Rusting”,  written by Gary L. Smay and published in Glass Worldwide in 2011, and “Effect of Alkaline Solutions on Tin oxide Coated Glass Surfaces”,  written by G.L. Smay and J.S. Wasylyk, and published in Glass Technology in 1981. We hope you enjoy them and they help start your New Year off right. To download these two and to view all of our White Papers visit our White Paper Library.