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  • Fillers, Glass Manufacturers

    The objective of this seminar is to teach students appropriate fracture diagnosis techniques that are needed to solve glass breakage and other performance related problems.

    May. 7, 2018 to May. 9, 2018
    Montecchio Emilia, Italy
  • Designed for production and staff actively involved with batch and furnace operations seeking to understand the technical basis of fundamental glass production.  Completion of AGR's basic Batch and Furnace course or two years experience in the Batch and Furnace area are recommended for attendees.  Current trends and best practices will be identified and discussed in an informal, interactive class environment.

    May. 8, 2018 to May. 11, 2018
    Butler, PA, USA
  • This seminar is for both filling line and glass container-manufacturing personnel who are responsible for conducting or preparing audits of glass container-manufacturing plants.

    May. 10, 2018 to May. 11, 2018
    Montecchio Emilia, Italy