New SEM/EDS installed in Delft

We are pleased to announce the installation of a Class-leading, SEM in our Testing Laboratory in Delft, the Netherlands, with enhanced, rapid-scan EDS software.  It has magnification capability up to 300,000X and enables chemical compositional analysis of glass surfaces/substrates along with point analysis of materials or residues embedded on or within the glass.  Read our just released e-News Blast to learn more

In-person training coming to California

We are pleased to announce our first in-person, open-enrollment, training seminar to be held in the Central Valley of California. We will be conducting our most popular, 3-day seminar "Fracture 1: Testing and Breakage Diagnosis of Glass Containers", in partnership, at one of the Trinchero Family Estates properties in Lodi, California May 16-18.

This seminar will provide the attendees the key fracture diagnosis techniques that are needed to efficiently solve glass breakage and other performance related problems.  It is well suited for personnel from wineries, brewers, distilleries and glass container manufacturers.

This open enrollment seminar will be conducted at Trinchero Westside Facility 18667 N Jacob Brack Rd, Lodi, CA 95242. Learn more or register HERE

Hard Water vs Hard Liquor White Paper published

Did you read our White Paper “Hard Water vs Hard Liquor” that was published in the November/December issue of Glass Worldwide?  Dr. Brandon Aldinger explores the cause of white deposits that can adhere to the inside surfaces of filled vodka and gin bottles, giving the glass a hazy appearance.

Download the entire White Paper now free from our library.

Q4 e-Newsletter published

Read our just released Q4 e-Newsletter that includes our published White Paper that evaluates the effect on knurl height and knurl spacing on the magnitude of stress when a bottle is subjected to either internal pressure or a heel impact.

See our Q4 e-Newsletter to download this paper and read all the news at AGR.