Q3 e-Newsletter Announces new testing lab in Europe

AGR issued the Q3 e-Newsletter announcing the opening of a new testing laboratory in Delft, Netherlands. The laboratory is slated to open and be fully operational in October, 2017.
The creation of this facility is a demonstration of AGR’s commitment to its customers, and particularly intended to provide European glass manufacturers and fillers with better access to American Glass Research services.  The new location will offer flexibility and reduced turnaround times on projects, lower shipping cost with relation to samples and the availability of American Glass Research expertise within the local time zones.
Read more about the new laboratory opening as well as other news features including our “Ask Our Experts” and “Did You Know” features.  Click HERE to download the Q3 e-Newsletter.

AGR invited to return to Beijing, China

The Chinese Glass Expert Committee invited AGR to conduct two training seminars to its' members. AGR Director of Research Bill Slusser and Senior Scientist Dr. Wenke Hu conducted "Evaluation and Lightweighting of Glass Containers" and "Fracture 1: Testing and Breakage Diagnosis of Glass Containers" the week of July 10.  This marks the second consecutive year that AGR has been invited to Beijing to present open enrollment seminars. The participants represented Chinese Glass Manufacturers, brewers as well as other beverage fillers.

Dr. Wenke Hu conducted the entire “Evaluation and Lightweighting” Seminar in Chinese.  This was the first time an AGR seminar was presented in a language other than English without a translation.

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AGR travels to China

AGR Senior Scientist Dr. Wenke Hu and Sales Representative Zhu Yong travelled through China to meet with major breweries, beverage and pharmaceutical glass manufacturers and the Chinese Glass Expert Committee. They announced AGR’s new Onsite Lightweighting and conceptual computer design analysis, promoted AGR’s expert Fracture Diagnosis, Training Seminars (to be held in China), plant audit services and discussed long term partnerships aimed at improving bottle handling and reducing breakage. Need help with breakage, design or training? Contact Us

AGR Legacy White Papers made available

Continuing on our promise, we will be marking our 90th Anniversary throughout the year with the release of several more of our Legacy White papers.

In 1959, Dr. Richard Mould in collaboration with Mr. Russell Southwick, both of Preston Laboratories, the predecessor and foundation of American Glass Research,

 prepared two papers entitled "Strength and Static Fatigue of Glass under Controlled Ambient Conditions, Part 1 and 2" that further defined glass strength and how it should be properly measured.

 That was immediately followed by two papers by Dr. Mould under the same title as Parts 3 and 4 in which he further defined critical aspects of glass strength.

 We hope you find all four of them interesting. Visit our White Papers Library to download all four and to view all of our White Papers.