Advanced Fracture Diagnosis

Last week AGR conducted the final F2: Advanced Fracture Diagnosis Training Seminar of the year on our Butler, PA campus. This four day seminar teaches participants the fracture diagnosis techniques required to solve complex glass breakage and other performance related problems.  The Seminar provides a basic review of concepts and then extends into more complex areas including hands-on workshop sessions that provide experience in solving actual breakage problems. The next F2 seminar will be offered in Munich, Germany March 6-9, 2018.  Click HERE to learn more or to register.

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Michael Kovac following a valiant battle with cancer. Mike joined American Glass Research in 1969. Over the course of his 42 year career he became a world renowned expert in fracture diagnosis and container testing. He had a unique talent for recognizing the underlying cause of the most difficult problems by taking fresh views of the situation, being creative in his thinking and considering all the details of the issue.  He authored multiple papers relating to glass container performance and failure analysis. He taught fracture and design seminars in more than 30 different countries and despite retirement in 2011 he remains, to this day, one of the most recognizable and beloved figures in the industry.

He will be missed by his colleagues for the kindness, patience and compassion he showed everyone. He was without peer in his ability to relate to his customers while solving their technical problems.

All those who met him were made richer by that encounter. We would be well served to honor his memory by striving to embody the best qualities of Mike Kovac in our daily interactions with one another. Certainly the world would be better for it. 

New European Testing Lab to open Mid-October

Coming very soon to Europe is AGR’s new testing laboratory in Delft, Netherlands.  AGR Director of Research, Bill Slusser, AGR Senior Scientist Peter de Haan, manager of the new test laboratory and Office Manager- Research Europe Jennifer Hu-a-ng, met with European Beverage Fillers at the drinktec Trade Show in Munich Sept 11-16 and shared the wide range of services available at the testing new lab and recapped the benefits to European fillers including reduced turnaround times on projects, lower shipping costs and AGR’s unmatched expertise.  This office is intended to be fully operational by Mid-October.  Contact Us to discuss your glass bottle breakage issues, auditing or training needs in Europe or around the world.

Q3 e-Newsletter Announces new testing lab in Europe

AGR issued the Q3 e-Newsletter announcing the opening of a new testing laboratory in Delft, Netherlands. The laboratory is slated to open and be fully operational in October, 2017.
The creation of this facility is a demonstration of AGR’s commitment to its customers, and particularly intended to provide European glass manufacturers and fillers with better access to American Glass Research services.  The new location will offer flexibility and reduced turnaround times on projects, lower shipping cost with relation to samples and the availability of American Glass Research expertise within the local time zones.
Read more about the new laboratory opening as well as other news features including our “Ask Our Experts” and “Did You Know” features.  Click HERE to download the Q3 e-Newsletter.