AGR Presents Talk at SGCDPro Annual Conference

Bill Slusser, Director of Research at AGR,  presented a talk entitled "Glass Bottle Performance, Strength and Decorating Considerations" at the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products (SGCDPro) annual conference, Deco '17. It was held in Pittsburgh, PA April 22-24.

 His talk focused on the variable of glass surface strength, the influence of various decorations, and making informed decisions regarding bottle performance as it relates to anticipated loads and the stresses that result. 

AGR releases Q2 e-Newsletter

The AGR Q2 e-Newsletter was recently distributed and is available for downloading.  It has several interesting sections including a feature story on the need for Fracture Analysis before making filling line adjustments. It announces that four Legacy White Papers on “Strength and Static Fatigue”  are being made available. Plus it includes our “News” and “Ask Our Experts” sections. Visit our e-Newsletter section of our Library to download “Q2 Volume 4 Issue 2” or click HERE.  

AGR certifies seven new "AGR Certified Fracture Diagnosticians"

We would like to congratulates the first, ever, group of “ AGR Certified Fracture Diagnosticians”. They successfully completed the 4 day seminar that included both written and practical examinations. The course was held in Munich, Germany and provided an in-depth look into key issues related to breakage. Let's raise a glass to this seminal group aka: "The Certified Seven".  The next Certification Seminar will be held in Krakow, Poland September 19-22 followed by Butler, PA, USA November 28 – December 1. Visit our Training Catalogue to learn more about this Certification or to register.

New White Paper published in Glass Worldwide

The White Paper entitled “Effect of Coatings on adhesion of labels” was just published in the current issue of Glass Worldwide Magazine.
Hot end and cold end coatings are necessary to assure that non-refillable glass containers will move properly through high speed filling lines and to assure that the surface of these containers are adequately protected from becoming damaged during sliding contact. When these coatings are improperly applied, performance problems of the coated containers can be observed. One such problem is the lack of adhesion of paper labels when using common glues.

In this White Paper, Gary Smay summarizes the results of studies to determine the effect of tin oxide and polyethylene coatings on label adhesion when using casein-type glue. Visit our White Paper Library to read this "Effect of coatings on adhesions of labels" White Paper.