AGR travels to China

AGR Senior Scientist Dr. Wenke Hu and Sales Representative Zhu Yong travelled through China to meet with major breweries, beverage and pharmaceutical glass manufacturers and the Chinese Glass Expert Committee. They announced AGR’s new Onsite Lightweighting and conceptual computer design analysis, promoted AGR’s expert Fracture Diagnosis, Training Seminars (to be held in China), plant audit services and discussed long term partnerships aimed at improving bottle handling and reducing breakage. Need help with breakage, design or training? Contact Us

AGR Legacy White Papers made available

Continuing on our promise, we will be marking our 90th Anniversary throughout the year with the release of several more of our Legacy White papers.

In 1959, Dr. Richard Mould in collaboration with Mr. Russell Southwick, both of Preston Laboratories, the predecessor and foundation of American Glass Research,

 prepared two papers entitled "Strength and Static Fatigue of Glass under Controlled Ambient Conditions, Part 1 and 2" that further defined glass strength and how it should be properly measured.

 That was immediately followed by two papers by Dr. Mould under the same title as Parts 3 and 4 in which he further defined critical aspects of glass strength.

 We hope you find all four of them interesting. Visit our White Papers Library to download all four and to view all of our White Papers.

AGR Presents Talk at SGCDPro Annual Conference

Bill Slusser, Director of Research at AGR,  presented a talk entitled "Glass Bottle Performance, Strength and Decorating Considerations" at the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products (SGCDPro) annual conference, Deco '17. It was held in Pittsburgh, PA April 22-24.

 His talk focused on the variable of glass surface strength, the influence of various decorations, and making informed decisions regarding bottle performance as it relates to anticipated loads and the stresses that result. 

AGR releases Q2 e-Newsletter

The AGR Q2 e-Newsletter was recently distributed and is available for downloading.  It has several interesting sections including a feature story on the need for Fracture Analysis before making filling line adjustments. It announces that four Legacy White Papers on “Strength and Static Fatigue”  are being made available. Plus it includes our “News” and “Ask Our Experts” sections. Visit our e-Newsletter section of our Library to download “Q2 Volume 4 Issue 2” or click HERE.