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Fried Egg Glass Contaminant
Award winning SEM Picture

Congratulations go out to Dr. Brandon Aldinger and Brad Salitrik for this award winning image taken on our JEOL IT-300LV Scanning Electron Microscope.  The image “Sunny-Side Up Egg” was selected as the winner for the month of January 2024 in the JEOL USA Image Contest.  With some color added for interest, this photomicrograph of an embedded material particle closely resembles a classic breakfast delight. The particle was inadvertently deposited inside a glass food jar during formation while the glass was still red-hot. The yellow 'yolk' in the image corresponds to an area enriched in tin, while the 'whites' correspond to areas that were bubbled and cracked due to reactions with the surrounding glass. Embedded particles on the interior of a glass container lower its strength; therefore, determining the composition of particles is the first step in eliminating the source of the contaminants.