Physical Properties of Glass

Glass Property Characterization of density, softening point and coefficient of thermal expansion properties. The physical properties of a specific glass composition are critical to the handling and forming of molten glass into the finish product. Regardless of whether it is intended for containers, windows, solar panels or pharmaceutical ware. We have extensive experience in providing the requisite testing which characterizes the properties of glass density, softening point and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Whether you require an ongoing routine check of your glassware for any of the above listed physical properties or you need to understand the requirements for a new item or a new market, our experts are ready to provide you with results and guidance that you can rely upon. Call us or fill out the Request for Analytical Services form.

COLOR & TRANSMISSION: problems can arise if the glass does not have the desired color or ultraviolet (UV) transmission properties. These parameters are dependent upon the glass composition. We have the ability to evaluate these properties and make recommendations for improvement.