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Fracture Diagnosis of Glass Containers

Expert Fracture Diagnosis techniques applied to glass breakage to identify cause, provide solutions and prevent future breakage. Identifying the root cause of failure requires the practice of fracture diagnosis, a highly developed science that consists of the examination. When glass breaks, it follows characteristic patterns and leaves valuable information as to exactly how, when, and why it broke.

Our unparalleled expertise, resources and experience can assist you in these challenging situations. Skillful implementation of fracture diagnosis techniques will provide solutions rather than speculations. Corrective actions can then be applied with confidence, eliminating the cost of repeated, ineffective process adjustments.

Collection and retention of the broken samples is essential for the successful analysis of the breakage problem. Contained within those fragments is a wealth of information that is critical to a proper diagnosis. Simply ship a representative quantity of breakage samples (10 to 20 complete samples-when available), along with a complete description of the circumstances of the problem. Then a phone call to discuss your problem with one of our experts will ensure that the failure conditions are fully understood, while providing an opportunity to ask questions or request additional information. A cost-free, upfront quote for service is available upon request. American Glass Research personnel are available for on-site analysis and consulting as well. The results of the analysis are documented in a comprehensive easily understood report-that identifies primary cause(s) of failure, discusses manufacturing or handling contributions, and recommends corrective actions.

To have a sample tested, please give us a call or submit the Analysis Request form. Please be sure to print out the form and send it along with your samples for optimum processing.