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Tableware Testing
Tableware Testing

Quality Testing including Impact, Thermal Shock and Annealing evaluations to proactively avoid problems. For manufacturers who are experiencing difficulties or want to proactively avoid problems with tableware items such as drinking glasses, bowls, dishes, ovenware, or candle containers it is required that the items are capable of surviving some level of impact and thermal shock. Tableware manufacturers can take advantage of our training, testing and fracture diagnosis expertise. In addition, our involvement with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has allowed us to play a crucial role in the development of standards and specifications, particularly in the area of glass candle containers. We are ready to assist you with all of your glass tableware evaluation needs.

The following services offer the most advantage to our clients in the tableware and candle container industries:

Flaw Identification/Evaluation

Through visual examination and quantitative determinations, the nature of flaws in glass articles can be characterized. Some flaws are cosmetic and can lead to poor product appearance while others are functional and can reduce glass surface strength and potentially lead to failure. Knowing the severity of a flaw will promote a fact-based decision process when considering the potential for performance problems.

Performance Testing

An evaluation of expected container performance can be obtained with a well-designed test protocol. Testing samples through the application of anticipated loads such as impact (handling) or thermal shock (dishwasher or candle burn) will provide the information needed to proceed with confidence. For candle containers, burn testing is also an important test used in the evaluation of performance during normal use.

Fracture Diagnosis

The highly developed science of fracture diagnosis involves the examination of broken glass to identify the root cause of the failure. When glass breaks, it will adhere to well-established patterns while providing valuable information as to exactly how, when and why it broke. Fracture diagnosis can reveal the answers to these critical questions.

Glass Quality

Knowing that your tableware is of the highest quality in regards to composition, permanent residual stress and durability is essential. AGR has the capabilities to ensure that your expectations of quality are being met.

Training Seminars

Tableware-specific seminars, along with more general sessions on fracture analysis offer a valuable combination of classroom instruction, demonstrations and hands-on workshops. All of the seminars offerings can be customized to suit the needs and requirements of our clients.

To have a sample tested, please give us a call or submit the Analysis Request form. Please be sure to print out the form and send it along with your samples for optimum processing.