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American Glass Research is a full service independent research and testing laboratory with expertise in testing, design analysis, analytical testing, consulting, training, inspection, product liability and auditing for the glass container industry.


Glass Testing

We serve both glass manufacturers and fillers encompassing food, beverage, tableware, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. 

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Glass Analysis

We are an ISO accredited laboratory. Our services include: Glass Composition, Raw Material and Stone Analysis, plus USP/EP, Heavy Metal, Annealing & Tempering, Coatings and Contamination Testing.

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Glass Training

Open enrollment and private in-person and online Glass Training Seminars on a wide range of glass topics to increase workforce knowledge.

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Can You Break a Glass Using Only a Coin?

Can You Break a Glass Using Only a Coin?

Can you use a coin to make a bottle explode? Watch our AGR challenge video to find out. To learn about residual annealing stress, annealing cycles, and measuring temper grades in glass containers, visit our Training section for more about our in-person seminar and E-Seminar on Cord & Annealing.

At American Glass Research we offer a number of both in-person and online seminars.

Latest News

Fried Egg Glass Contaminant

Congratulations go out to Dr.

Defect of the Month

Road to the Mountain Defect of the Month

While this might appear to be a road to a mountain, it is a magnified view of the horizontal crack revealed that the origin was related to a vertical scuff mark with a few associated crescent cracks.  Further investigation