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Glass Manufacturers
Glass Manufacturers

Manufacturing glass articles requires the ability to balance quality control and productivity. We assist glass manufacturers in their pursuit of continually improving quality, while often providing the added benefit of cost reductions. With services that include glass manufacturing audits, the cost-effective evaluation of a bottle design prior to mold construction and the diagnosis of a fractured item from a consumer, glass manufacturers have long considered American Glass Research a trusted partner capable of assisting throughout the life cycle of a glass package. We also have expertise in Tableware, Candles and Solar Energy. If you are experiencing difficulties with your glass articles or are interested in avoiding many of those same difficulties, we invite you to discuss your issues with one of our experts.

Explore the following services which have been shown to offer the most advantage to our clients in the glass manufacturing industry:

  • Performance Testing
  • Design Study 
  • Fracture Diagnosis
  • Glass Quality
  • Contamination Identification
  • Labels, Decorations and Closures
  • Line Audits 
  • Litigation Assistance 
  • Poly Test Slurry 
  • Training Seminars