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Glass Testing

AGR primarily serves the glass packaging industry inclusive of both glass manufacturers and end-user/fillers. This encompasses the food, beverage, tableware, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Secondarily, we serve the tempered ware, kitchenware, and candle container industries.  Additionally, we serve the flat glass, automotive glass, specialty glass, and even the ceramic/whitewares markets.

Below is a list of our of our Testing Services-ranging from preventative quality assurance to first response problem solving:

  • Performance Testing 
  • Design Analysis
  • Product Liability
  • Fracture Diagnosis
  • Glass and Packaging Technology Issues
  • Tableware/Candle Testing

We offer many additional services as the need arises. As a well-equipped laboratory with comprehensive expertise, and a heritage dating back to 1927, we are fully qualified to meet the diverse needs of the glass industry.