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Glass Training Seminars

Open enrollment and private in-person and online Glass Training Seminars on a wide range of glass topics to increase workforce knowledge. American Glass Research offers a wide range of seminars from introductory to advanced level instruction, and includes topics on: fracture diagnosis, defect identification, effect of design on bottle performance, lightweighting, coating technology, cord and annealing and batch and furnace operations. For more information on these in-person seminars, click here. For more information on our online webinars or E-seminars click here.

Attendees to AGR seminars include personnel from glass manufacturing facilities, glass users from the food and beverage industries and glass users from the pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of position our seminars offer a valuable combination of classroom instruction, demonstrations and hands-on workshops

Most of the seminars listed are offered through open enrollment one or more times a year either at our Butler, Pennsylvania location, Munich, Germany, Krakow, Poland or Bangkok, Thailand. For additional information on our seminars, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your training needs in detail. For this year's schedule of events, please click here.

In-person Seminars Offered

Online training is offered in two formats: live webinars and E-seminars.  Live webinars from AGR are a great way to access newly developed courses, offering live Q&A with our instructors.  Private group options for live webinars are also available.  E-seminars are divided into 8-15 minute video modules that can be viewed and re-viewed on-demand, at your own pace. Quizzes at the end of each section test your learning.  To learn more about all of our current webinars and E-seminar topics, to see free previews or to register, visit  For full course descriptions and to see our video trailers click the respective courses with links below.

On-line E-seminars and Webinars Available