Q1 e-Newsletter just released

Did you know the founder of AGR, Dr. Frank Preston, was a prolific inventor? He had at least 60 patent ideas in a wide range of fields. Visti our Library to read more in our just released Q1 e-Newsletter. 

Q4 e-Newsletter announces 2020 Training Schedule

The just released Q4 e-Newsletter announces the 2020 Worldwide Open Enrollment Training Schedule is now available for registrations.  Also the new “Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects” book has been republished and is available to order.

The Q4 e-Newsletter also includes interesting features on old glass turning purple and the elastic properties of glass. Download it from our library HERE.

Congratulations F2 Grads

Congratulations to this class for completing AGR's "F2: Advanced Breakage Diagnosis" last week in Krakow, Poland. The participants learned the appropriate fracture diagnosis techniques to solve complex breakage and other performance related problems.  See our Seminar Catalogue to learn more about this and all of our training seminars.

Q3 e-Newsletter announces new AGR Defect Atlas

The just released Q3 e-Newsletters features the new “Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects” book published by AGR’s Senior Scientist’s Dr. Brandon Aldinger and Peter de Haan. The 154 page hardbound book contains over 450 original pictures and can help to quickly identify and resolve defect problems. The book is now available directly from AGR or Amazon.

The Q3 e-Newsletter also includes the updated second half worldwide seminar training schedule and more. Download the Q3 e-Newsletter to read.