AGR Fracture Diagnosis Case Studies to be shared

We are pleased to announce we will begin sharing a series of Fracture Diagnosis Case Studies.

Over our 90+ years of conducting glass research we have completed numerous analyses which have shaped our understanding of glass strength and failure. We would like to share selected case studies that are noteworthy examples of fracture diagnosis techniques. See our just released Q2 e-Newsletter to learn more and to download the first case study (for free). Download HERE.

New Sand to Shelf E-seminar

Announcing Our New “Sand to Shelf: Essentials of Glass Containers” E-seminar

Our successful “Sand to Shelf: Essentials of Glass Containers” live webinar is now available as an on-demand E-seminar! This 8-part training course offers a comprehensive overview of glass container science, manufacturing, testing and fracture diagnosis. The E-seminar is conveniently divided into 39 modules (8 to 15 minutes in length) that allows the participant to progress at their own pace. There are quizzes to confirm comprehension, and a certificate will be issued upon completion. Learn more, see a free preview or register here.


Announcing AGR's newest live webinar, “Spotlight on: Stone Analysis Essentials” coming March 9

AGR’s “Stones in Glass: Analysis and Identification” in-person seminar has trained glass industry professionals for over 10 years in this specialized skill. To introduce practical stone analysis to a broader audience, we are offering a shortened version of this seminar that will be useful for glass plant QC employees, batch & furnace workers, and some filling line QC personnel.

This new, 1.5-hour training webinar focuses on visual identification of stones using simple tools available in every QC lab – a hand lens and an optical microscope. Using the material in this course, trainees will be equipped to identify the majority of stones found in commercial glass products and to address their root causes. 

The webinar is a 1.5-hour live presentation and will be conducted by Dr. Brandon Aldinger. For those unable to view the live broadcast, the webinar will be recorded and attendees can replay the presentation at their convenience.  See our video preview to learn more.

The live broadcast will be conducted at 9:00 EST/14:00 GMT/15:00 CET.  The cost is $285 per person. Group discounts are available.

REGISTER HERE:  If you have any questions CONTACT US


New AGR Pharmaceutical Glass Flaws On-Demand E-Seminar

American Glass Research is pleased to announce our first on-demand e-seminar “Spotlight on: Pharmaceutical Glass Flaws”. this new, 2.5-hour E-seminar is broken into 12 modules and covers the visual identification of flaws in pharmaceutical glass containers – specifically flaws in molded and tubing pharmaceutical packaging such as vials and syringes. For each flaw, attendees will learn its identifying characteristics, its source, and the effect that the flaw has on container performance.

The E-seminar is conducted by Dr. Brandon Aldinger PhD, AGR Senior Scientist.
Hundreds of photographs will familiarize attendees with representative examples of each flaw. The presentation also includes a discussion of flaw severity categories (critical, major, minor or cosmetic) and a brief overview of pharma glass manufacturing processes. Trainees will also be provided with crucial information for corrective actions. See our free preview HERE.

The E-seminar is self-paced, available on-demand, and includes a final quiz to test what you have learned. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. The cost is $415 per person. Learn more or register HERE.