Q4 e-Newsletter published

Read our just released Q4 e-Newsletter that includes our published White Paper that evaluates the effect on knurl height and knurl spacing on the magnitude of stress when a bottle is subjected to either internal pressure or a heel impact.

See our Q4 e-Newsletter to download this paper and read all the news at AGR.

Meet with us at drinktec and glasstec 2022

Meet with us at drinktec and glasstec. If you are attending the upcoming trade fairs and would like to meet with us to discuss any issues you are having with your glass, please Contact Us to set up an appointment or stop by our booth.  We look forward to seeing you there.  

Knurling Study White Paper Published

Read our recently published White Paper on the stresses generated in the bearing surface under internal pressure and heel impact loads. The paper examines the differences in stress levels for the four common knurl configurations.  Read about the differences. Download it now free from our White Paper library.

AGR Presents at Challenging Glass 8 Conference

American Glass Research Senior Scientist, Dr Clarissa de Lima presented a co-authored paper entitled “Effects of composition on the durability and weathering of flat glass” at the ‘Challenging Glass 8 Conference’ at Ghent University in Belgium, on June 23, 2022.   Here is a brief from the abstract:  Among the environmental factors affecting glass weathering are humidity, exposure time, temperature, and the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere. Notwithstanding that the weathering produced depends on numerous factors, the important weathering effect of high humidity may be specifically mitigated by using a good chemical composition for the glass. To evaluate this relationship, flat glass samples from three sup-pliers were studied.

You can download the paper from the “Challenging Glass 8 Conference” HERE. Or visit our White Paper Library to read.