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  • Fillers, Glass Manufacturers

    This seminar is for both filling line and glass container-manufacturing personnel who are responsible for conducting or preparing audits of glass container-manufacturing plants.

    Feb. 11, 2020 to Feb. 12, 2020
    Kraków, Poland
  • Building on the popularity of our Basic and Advanced Testing and Fracture Diagnosis seminars, both of which are prerequisites, the seminar on Fractography of Container Glass will perfect your training. The seminar will consist of advanced topics that will provide an in-depth look into key issues related to breakage. The critical focus will be on the practical workshops using advanced fracture analysis techniques and thoroughly detailing findings.

    The training will culminate in a final exam in the form of workshop and theoretical problems that will fully assess your fracture analysis skills. 

    Mar. 10, 2020 to Mar. 13, 2020
    Munich, Germany
  • Fillers, Glass Manufacturers

    The objective of this seminar is to teach students appropriate fracture diagnosis techniques that are needed to solve glass breakage and other performance related problems.

    Mar. 16, 2020 to Mar. 18, 2020
    Munich, Germany