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In Person Seminars

Jun 4 - Jun 6
Butler, PA, USA

Stones in Glass: Analysis and Identification

This seminar focuses on the identification of stones and how they can be quickly and accurately analyzed.  The various analytical techniques will be presented and studied with hands-on samples.  Examples of stones will be presented and discussed along with the steps that must be taken to correct the problem.
Sep 3 - Sep 6
Munich, Germany

Fracture 3: Master Class

Building on the popularity of our Basic and Advanced Testing and Fracture Diagnosis seminars, both of which are prerequisites, the seminar on Fractography of Container Glass will perfect your training.
Sep 9 - Sep 11
Munich, Germany
Sep 17 - Sep 19
Butler, PA, USA

Testing and Fracture Diagnosis of Pharmaceutical Glassware

This course helps participants Develop an understanding of the characteristics of glass as a packaging material.  The course will introduce participants to techniques for the evaluation of flaw severity as well as how to distinguish between functional and cosmetic defects.
Sep 24 - Sep 27
Butler, PA, USA