Fracture 2: Advanced Breakage Diagnosis of Glass Containers

The objective of this seminar is to teach students the appropriate fracture diagnosis techniques that are required to solve complex glass breakage and other performance related problems.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Quantitative and Comparative Fracture Diagnosis techniques
  • Microscopic techniques to identify fracture origins
  • Procedural Approaches to Breakage Problems
  • Case History Studies of a broad range of breakage problems
  • Hands-on workshop sessions to provide experience in solving actual field breakage problems

A brief review of the basic concepts will be also covered, including general principles, surface markings, fracture patterns and stress concentrator types.

This seminar is useful for anyone who desires to learn advanced fracture diagnostic skills.

Seminar Duration: Four Days

2024: $2,010 USD, 2.010 EUR