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Cord and Annealing

The objective of this seminar is to provide the participant with the capability to make critical decisions regarding the control of cord and annealing stress.  Extensive hands-on workshops will facilitate accurate cord and annealing evaluations and assure effective integration of the information into the manufacturing process.

Topics to be covered are:

  • The nature of cord and annealing stresses with particular attention to their effect on ware performance
  • The use of polarizing instruments to measure permanent stresses
  • Laboratory sessions that provide extensive training and hands-on experience in the proper set up procedures and use of polariscopes, polarimeters and polarizing microscopes
  • Cord evaluation training includes the use of the graduated quartz wedge, as well as the Berek tilting and Senarmont rotating compensators. Stresses due to ACL mismatch will also be discussed

Seminar Duration: Three Days

Training Cost
$1,690 USD, 1.690 EUR

Upcoming Training Events

Oct 21 - Oct 23
Cord and Annealing
Butler, PA, USA