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AGR Training in Tanzania
Training in Tanzania

Last week (w/o Jun 10) Dr. Brandon Aldinger and Director of Research, Bill Slusser, traveled to East Africa to conduct our “Fracture 1: Testing and Breakage Analysis” training seminar at Kioo Limited, which is located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Kioo Limited is the largest glass plant in East Africa and the only glass container manufacturer in Tanzania. Kioo supplies multiple beverage, beer and liquor customers along with some food jars. They currently run two furnaces of flint glass, green glass and amber glass. 

Interestingly, Kioo was established in 1963, the exact same year that our founder Dr. Frank Preston, transitioned his Preston Labs into American Glass Research.

The eager and inquisitive participants were taught over 3 days the appropriate fracture diagnosis techniques that are needed to solve glass breakage and other performance related problems.  Included were several hands-on workshop sessions to provide experience in solving field breakage problems.

 Topics covered were:

 General Principles of Fracture Diagnosis

  1. Interpretation of Fracture Surface Markings
  2. Factors Affecting the Strength of Glass
  3. Identifying Stress Concentrator Types
  4. Understanding Fracture Patterns

 Learn more about our customized private in-person training here.