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Defect and Stone Color Atlas Books
Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects

The new Color Atlas of Glass Container Defects from AGR is a photographic guidebook for manufacturers, fillers, and trade suppliers that can help to quickly identify and resolve defect problems. This volume delivers a common lexicon for understanding defects that often go by several names in different industry sectors. With over 450 original photographs on 154 pages, the atlas is hardbound on high-quality photo paper and provides detailed descriptions of 65 defects that occur in container glass. Appendices include diagrams of the parts of glass containers as well as a glossary of glass defect terminology.

This volume focuses on defects related to molded glass containers used in the food, beverage, and pharma industries. Defects specific to tubing vials are also included due to their importance in pharmaceuticals. The atlas will be most useful to quality control personnel who are responsible for inspecting glass containers. Plant managers, sales representatives, and purchasers may also find the guide to be helpful in assessing the severity of a particular defect.

$250 USD, 250 EUR