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Stones in Glass: Analysis and Identification

This seminar focuses on the identification of stones and how they can be quickly and accurately analyzed.  The various analytical techniques will be presented and studied with hands-on samples.  Examples of stones will be presented and discussed along with the steps that must be taken to correct the problem.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Background information will be presented to understand the general concepts of batching and melting operations. This information is then used to identify the potential sources of stones.
  • The classification of stones as either being primary or secondary will be discussed.
  • Analytical techniques involving physical, crystalline, and compositional characteristics will be presented. Participants will be given the opportunity to determine these characteristics with sample stones in laboratory sessions.
  • A wide variety of stones will be presented along with the various identifying characteristics of each stone. The appropriate reactions to correct the stone problem will also be discussed.

This seminar is designed for those personnel who are responsible for identifying the composition and source of stones.  The seminar would also be of interest to those responsible for batch and furnace operations.

Seminar Duration: Two and a half Days

Training Cost
$1,690 USD, 1.690 EUR

Upcoming Training Events

Jun 4 - Jun 6
Stones in Glass: Analysis and Identification (1 opening)
Butler, PA, USA
Oct 2 - Oct 4
Stones in Glass: Analysis and Identification
Kraków, Poland