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Coating Technology

This seminar provides a complete explanation of the role of surface coatings in the maintenance of glass surface strength, their application in both the hot end and the cold end as well as solutions to the problems associated with the use of coatings.  In addition, the participant will be instructed in desired coating thickness levels and the techniques required to measure these thickness.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Solutions to coating problems such as: label adhesion, closure rusting, high removal torques of closures, product foaming, poor performance and scuffing
  • The necessity of surface treatments in the maintenance of surface strength of non-refillable bottles
  • The role of surface treatments in future lightweighting efforts
  • The pros and cons of various types of hot end and cold end coatings
  • Deposition parameters and thickness requirements for optimum performance
  • Measurement techniques to assure the application of adequate coating levels
  • Current issues

Seminar Duration: Two Days

Training Cost
$1,480 USD, 1.480 EUR

Upcoming Training Events

Nov 7 - Nov 8
Coating Technology
Butler, PA, USA