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Testing Staff
  • William G. Slusser
    Director of Research
  • David Machak
    Manager, Pharmaceutical Services
  • Peter de Haan
    Senior Scientist
  • Dr. Wenke Hu
    Senior Scientist
  • Dr. Brandon Aldinger
    Senior Scientist
  • Doug Holscher
    Research Scientist
  • Dr. Clarissa de Lima
    Senior Scientist
  • Brad Salitrik
    Research Engineer
  • Gary Smay
    Senior Scientist (Ret.)
  • Dominic Baker
    Research Engineer
  • Linda Pilosi
    Administrative Assistant/Seminar Coordinator
  • Tim Barr
    Marketing Specialist
  • Patience Zimmer
    Department Secretary
  • Rick Bayer
    Glass Technology Specialist
  • Jennifer Hu-a-ng
    Office Manager - Research Europe